Belief and how it relates to Hermann’s annihilation report

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Hi folk

In the forum gold member Hermann has a wonderful tale of annihilation. He picked up a few of the BPB techniques and ran with them and on a wave of confidence managed to royally thrash his usual playing partner.

This regularly happened in the last Break Par Blueprint but it was also followed by the same sort of doubt that Hermann then got during the week.

“Is it a one off?”,
“Will I humiliate myself the next time?”,
“My golf really isn’t good enough to play consistently at that level”,
“It was just a fluke”.

These are all the sorts of questions and statements that run through our heads when things start to go right. In fact they hit us during the round too and cause back nine blow ups (of which I had many during my challenge) and all sorts of other self-sabotage.

The really key thing is to start your challenge with some really cast iron self-belief. That comes from asking one simple question:

“Has anyone every achieved what I’m trying to do with less resources?”

The answer, more than 99% of the time, is always YES!

And a couple of videos to help you believe that YOUR challenge is possible.


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