Video 1 – The First Three Mistakes

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  1. Jim Stevenson Says:

    Great stuff John and Andy

    You are so right about not knowing the distances. I’m afraid I’m actually guilty of all three of those mistakes!

    Look forward to the rest of them.


  2. Mark Ingram Says:

    This is fantastic. I will definitely be buying his book.
    Thanks Andy.

  3. Joe Says:

    You include instruction books in the list of billions of pounds spent each year – so why should I waste my money on yours?

  4. Paul Butterworth Says:

    Good point Joe. I have been one of the people that make up that figure. However, I purchased Andy’s 4 magic moves. It certainly helped my game and I find Andy really helpful and approachable. As for spending more money, I am currently receiving daily emails from Andy “The rules of Golf” which are really enlightening and the link to this useful video was also f.o.c. I was more than happy with the price I paid for the 4 magic moves and did not expect all these welcome bonus freebies. Keep up the good work Andy because I for one think you are doing a great job.

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    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Andy Brown Golf and Stephen Kerr, Stephen Kerr. Stephen Kerr said: RT @andybrowngolf: Here's a golf shocker or is it? @breakpargolf joined me for a chat in St Andrews & this video should help your game. [...]

  6. Stan Pierce Says:

    looking forward to the next visit

  7. Toni Curto Says:

    I’m a 22 handicapper, and guilty of all the 10 mistakes, my biggest problem is to be able to concentrate through the 18 holes, because when I do concentrate I can put together par, par, birdie together.
    I have the game technically and mechanically but unfortunatly not mentally. What can I do? I broke 100, 3 weeks ago and since then I have return back to 100+.
    I read and listen to Dr. Bob Rotella and I have to say that he has improved my game in the manner to how I approach it, but I seem to be unable to concentrate through 18.
    What can I do to consistently play one hole to the next and next etc.
    Please help?
    Yours frustrated.

  8. Barry Cain Says:

    The best thing I ever did to help my game was get Andy’s 4 New Magic moves. This video, and I have no doubt those following, are an added bonus.

    Thank you Andy and John and keep up the good work.

  9. Jack Pickles Says:

    Hello Andy
    John Richardson’s interview is fascinating. What is the title of his book he refers to?
    Jack Pickles

  10. Linda Mng Says:

    Andy & John you are into golf. It is good for us. I can’t wait for more!

  11. Michael Kelly Says:

    I have been using the 4 New Magic moves for about 3 years now. I read your emails and this video looks good.

    Thanks Andy. Michael in Indiana

  12. Peter Cox Says:

    Just plain common sense – strange we never come upon it ourselves!
    Its mostly a question of discipline, defining your goal and going for it, accepting the fact that its you not the equipment and that you dont hit as far as Tiger Woods! I’ve even gone as far as buying a laser, but I’ve still not gone out and measured myself. Time to start keeping a few New Year Promises!

  13. Ray Russell Says:

    Distance is a problem. How does an amatuer find out their distances ie average, shortest and longest for each club taking into account wind and terrain? Most clubs don’t have the facilities for this type of practice.

  14. Danny Slaughter Says:


    Buy a GPS device. You can hit balls on the range, measure the distances with the device, and it will calculate your average for each club. Then all you need to do is make any adjustment for weather conditions.

  15. Craig Webb Says:

    I went to an indoor golf centre which has 3 PGA simulator booths, and rented one for an hour and a half – hit about a dozen good shots with each club, recorded the carry yds, the total yds and the yds off center (threw out the really bad shots) and compiled an average for all 3 categories for every club in the bag. Then made a small chart, with the 3 columns per club, plasticized it and hooked it on my bag until I can memorize it.
    As said before here, the only major variables are the lie and the weather but it’s amazing how much it’s helped me. With this I now only have to be pretty sure of the distance and I can concentrate on hitting a good shot as I have confidnece I have the right club in my hand.
    In Canada, this cost me about $45 and a couple of hours of my time. Now I’m wating for GPS units to come down in price…a lot!

  16. LeeAnn Says:

    Look forward to & enjoy your rules of golf & now this video sounds promising. I have the 4 New Magic Moves & feel they have really helped in making my golf game better & more enjoyable.

  17. Edwin Michael Says:

    Unfortunately I can’t get your video to play without “stop-start” sound and then complete freeze.

  18. Kodjo Manty Says:

    Many thanks Andy. You guys were so right about everything. Got a tournament this weekend in Germany and will be practising tomorrow. Looking forward to other vids.



  19. William Barnett Says:

    I really enjoyed this first video and look forward to the rest. Is it OK for me to forward this link on to my golfing buddies?
    You have really hit the nail on the head so far and I’m guilty of most all of them I’m sure. I would like to share one thing with you though. Last week I went for a “Swing evaluation” where they videoed my swing and then showed it to me side by side with a pro’s (Larry Mize) swing. I immediately saw what I was doing wrong and with some help from the pro doing the evaluation I was able to somewhat change my mistakes. Of course it’s going to take time to get it to feel natural but I have already went from slicing the ball to hitting a slight draw, which I haven’t been able to do in about three years now.
    I bought your “Four magic moves” program and think it is great but I’m still having problems with some of them (mostly the third one) but now after looking at myself I think I will be able to do a better job of it. Someone can tell you all day long what you are doing wrong but once you see it for yourself it’s a whole different story (at least it was for me).
    The pro had a little problem with your first (magic move) but agreed that if that was what made me more comfortable and confident it was good.
    Keep up the good work and keep the e-mail’s coming.


    William Barnett

  20. admin Says:

    Hi all

    John Richardson here. Thanks for all the great comments and yes, please feel free to pass these videos around.

    We have decided to put together a special video at the end where we try and answer any specific queries.

    If the video freezes it’s likely that you have a slow connection. The best bet is to start the video then immediately hit the pause button. That way the video continues to download and you can do something else for a few minutes (make a cup of tea as one previous member advised!) and come back to it.

    For those who asked about the book – the UK title is “Dream On – One Hacker’s Challenge to Break Par in a Year” and in the US it is subtly different “Dream On: One Hack Golfer’s Challenge to Break Par in a Year”. It is available from all major book shops and obviously also on Amazon (both .com and

    We’re just editing the second videos now and should get them out to you on Wednesday.

    Thanks for watching

    John Richardson

  21. Doug Kappel Says:

    Never got the video to come thru

  22. Mavis Says:

    I enjoyed the video. My concern is the value of what golfers have spent on golf and their improvement average in the past 40 years. I wasn’t golfing 40 years ago, as I’m sure many of your fans (and yourself) weren’t. It just goes to show that golf is continuing to attract new golfers who have to purchase their equipment to play the game. I am looking forward to the next mistakes as I have been guilty of not having a crystal clear goal and plan to improve my game. I have written down my goal to improve my short game and the steps I will take to achieve that goal by our Club Championships.

  23. Rayman Says:

    The 4 magic moves is great.I think this video is so true and most of us spend time and money on the wrong things. I have been practicing my short game and it has saved me like 10 or more shots
    I am still struggling at 16 under, can’t get to par.

  24. Barry Hunt Says:

    interesting comparison.If you took the number of golfers studied 40 yr ago and followed that same number thru you would probably find their average handicap is lower.BUT because you have grouped those better player with novice players you will probably gain the same average of 17.Agree with you your comments though, if you don’t strike the ball correctly with any club you won’t go the distance.
    Look forward to your next comment.

  25. brynner Says:

    Good points, I agree be a realist. I used to be an avid cyclist and buying an expensive bike did in fact help a lot. Golf is slightly different, expensive clubs don’t improve your game.
    What is similar about these two sports is the equipment must be right for you, technique, goal setting and commitment is everything.

  26. Barry T Says:

    Good stuff, John and Andy. Since following your combined advice I have reduced my handicap from 25-which I had had for quite a while to 18.1 and am still improving. Not too bad for 74 years old eh!

  27. Tyron Black Says:

    Nice advice.

  28. Jasni Hassan Says:

    Thank you and keep it up the excellence work, looking foward on your next video…

  29. Rainier Says:

    Hi Andy & John, Very good video. It made me really think about my game (& mistakes) and you are right …. we all underclub and I will work on that. Also, it made me realise that I need to look at my equipment, unlike the others, I think I need to replace some of my clubs with stroke-savers such as hybrids!!! I never, but never hit a 3 or 4 iron and I have them in my bag. What for? I KNOW I will be able to save another three or four strokes which will bring me to my goal … to consistently score par or better. I am looking forward to the other videos. Thanks for all the good work, you two!!

  30. Steven Sheridan Says:

    John enjoyed reading your book greatly

    Andy working my way through the 4 magic moves at the moment and have definately started to see improvement in my swing

    Keep up the good work lads!!

  31. Billy Harper Says:

    A great video again lads.

    I’m one of the 700 who have been through John’s breakparblueprint program and I have to say it really is outstanding. I went fron being an 18 handicapper to 9.2 in the space of one season.

    Look forward to the next videos guys. You are very entertaining together on camera. I wish I had your jobs though. This seems like a great way to make a living!

  32. Jerome Salyers Says:


    Have been using your 4 Magic Moves for 3 years now, especially the first one. They have been very helpful to me. I like this current series with John. Keep up the good work!

  33. Samuel Downs Says:

    You’re doing excellent work Andy. I was hoping you would do an interview with John.

  34. Sean Says:

    Again, John’s experience provides many benefits for golfers who really want to learn the game. I went straight to Amazon and looked up his book. It’s a must-have.

  35. Steve Says:

    I don’t fully disagree but your statement of buying a better handicap is not 100% correct myself being a scratch golfer in my opinion the problem with golfers buying new clubs is they buy clubs that they are told will improve their game instead of when buying new clubs testing all available brands and making a short list and the customizing those to fit your swing and then finally buying the club or clubs that gives you the best result. I was a Callaway player and fan for years but strangely enough the clubs that best fit my game is the Cobra S2 Forged Irons and this was after 2 full days of testing will all known brands to man. So in to re-cap I would rather say when buying clubs make sure the dealer selling to you helps you make the correct decision according to how you swing don’t just buy because Taylor made says their driver is the best.

    If your equipment fits you you will see a change in stroke saving!

  36. Gerard V. Faloon Says:

    Andy & John, Just watched the first video. All I can say it was terrific. Looking forward to the next one.
    Thank you both for sharing the information. Gerard

  37. Tony Says:

    Hi Andy and John,

    G’day from Australia. Really appreciate your work and passion.

    In a more condensed manner I have also pursued many books, DVD’s, videos and hours of training. Two authors / tutorials stand out for me – Ben Hogans “Five Lessons” and for straitforward assistance and answers to simple questions the early work of John Jacobs (circa mid 1970′s I’d say – he looks very old and dated), which has been put onto DVD.



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